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Staff Directory

A photo of the principal of SRMS, Charles Dunbar

I am both honored and excited to introduce myself as the new principal of Spring Ridge Middle School and to join this extraordinary school community. I can assure you that I share in this school community’s commitment to develop the social and academic success for all children here at Spring Ridge Middle School. I prioritize the communication and partnership that must exist between students, staff, and families to ensure a successful school year. I can not wait to meet you all and look forward to an amazing year together.

SRMS will be a hub to develop academic and social success for our diverse population, where all students and faculty matter and have a gift to contribute to our school and community.

Welcome to the home of the Harriers, where we SOAR!  We are Safe, On-task, Accountable, Respectful.  We are extremely proud of our school, our students, and our community.  At Spring Ridge, we strive to maintain positive relationships between our students, parents, community members, staff, and administration.  We all have an important role in the achievements attained by our students during their middle school experience.  We need to work together to improve opportunities for our students.   As a parent, you can be involved by monitoring student grades, personal technology devices, the SRMS website, teacher communication, and the school schedule for making personal appointments.

Only by working together can we ensure every student is provided the highest quality education possible in a safe and supportive learning environment. Middle School is a crucial time of transition—moving from the elementary to preparing for the bigger challenges of high school. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for our students while maintaining the level of academic excellence that we have come to enjoy.


Fly like a plane and SOAR like a Harrier!


Name Contact Position
Charles Dunbar Principal

 Administrative Team

Name Contact Position
Craig Jewett Assistant Principal
John Davis Assistant Principal
Zach Bush Assistant Principal
Dr. Brooke Anthony  Assistant Principal
Mary H. Marquis Secretary to the Principal
Mallory Evans Front Office Secretary
Edwards   Records Secretary

Safety and Security

Name Contact Position
Lekika Gray Safety & Security
Ja Aces Butler   Safety & Security
Martise Thomas Safety & Security
 Cpl. Chad Hartzell School Resource Officer

Health Office

Name Contact Position
Becky Daniels Nurse
Penny Michaels  Nurse


Name Contact Position
Alisha Swann Instructional Resource Teacher
LaToya Fox Instructional Resource Teacher

In School Intervention

Name Contact Position
Cynthia Cease In-School Intervention


Name Contact Position
Kathleen Carabine 6th Grade Guidance Counselor
Barbara Bayne 7th Grade Guidance Counselor
Kristina Mayo 8th Grade Guidance Counselor
Shannon Nickey Military and Family Life Counselor
Dana Randall Pupil Personnel Worker
Teresa James School Psychologist
Kimberly Hall School Social Worker/MTSS
Sarah Dischner School Social Worker


Name Contact Position
Kirsten Burton STEM Science
Christina Sterling 6th Grade STEM Science/Language Arts
Kara Decker STEM Mathematics
Heather Howe STEM Mathematics
    STEM Mathematics
Karen Maloney 6th & 8th Grade STEM Language Arts
Kay Jahn 6th-8th STEM Social Studies


Name Contact Position
Roxanne Arnon Speech/Language Pathologist
Makenzie VanDevander Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant
Rebecca McGlothlin ESOL Teacher
Rosslyn Brisco Career Advisor

English/Language Arts

Name Contact Position
Catherine Doering 6th Grade English/Language Arts
Cayla Asadi 6th Grade English/Language Arts
Keith Wilson 6th Grade English/Language Arts
Carolyn Sutton 6th Grade English/Language Arts
Joseph Turner 7th Grade English/Language Arts
Melissa Molitor 7th Grade English/Language Arts
Selena Seibt 7th Grade English/Language Arts
Catherine Hunter 7th Grade English/Language Arts
Emily Spencer 8th Grade English/Language Arts
Dr. Deaneth Brown-Taylor 8th Grade English/Language Arts
Victoria Tevis 8th Grade English/Language Arts
Grant Schaeffer 8th Grade English/Language Arts

Library Media/Information Technology

Name Contact Position
Priscilla Dyson Media Specialist
Penelope Splain Instructional Technology Support


Name Contact Position
Kristen Breslin 6th Grade Mathematics
Tessa Winters 6th Grade Mathematics
Jennifer Rowe 6th Grade Mathematics
Susannah Reynolds 6th Grade Mathematics
Genipher Ross 7th Grade Mathematics
Asia Giwa-Agbomeirele 7th Grade Mathematics
Michele Atwell 7th Grade Mathematics
Alice Oshogbele 7th Grade Mathematics
Bonnie Beavan 8th Grade Mathematics
Emma Carpenter 8th Grade Computer Science
Alicia Longmore 8th Grade Mathematics
Dorothy Nelson 8th Grade Mathematics


Name Contact Position
Monica Damasceno Sant' Ana 6th Grade Science
TBA   6th Grade Science
Timothy Reese 7th Grade Science
Mackenzie Jones  7th Grade Science
Elizabeth Mulvey 8th Grade Science
Irma Prosser 8th Grade Science

Social Studies

Name Contact Position
Kimberly Basso 6th Grade Social Studies
Laurie Boughn 6th Grade Social Studies
Fredrick St. Germain 7th Grade Social Studies
Stephanie Saxon 7th Grade Social Studies
Morgan Nelson 8th Grade Social Studies
David Cook 8th Grade Social Studies

Special Education

Name Contact Position
TBA   Special Education Teacher/IEP Facilitator
Jayci Cristuado Special Education Teacher/SAIL
Lauren Welch Special Education Teacher
Sara Livengood Special Education Teacher
Katie Ward Special Education Teacher
Lekia Neal Special Education Teacher
Cinciare Niles Special Education Teacher
Kathleen Moreland Special Education Teacher
Venance Meja Special Education Teacher
Erin Morrow Special Education Teacher
Kelly Hogan Paraeducator
Maggie Noyes Paraeducator
Jalyha Kyles Paraeducator
Nadia Cianfrani Paraeducator

Specials (Art, Foreign Language, Health, Music, & PE)

Name Contact Position
Michele Chelednik  Physical Education
Ericka Tonini Physical Education
Michael Griffis Physical Education
Thomas Hunt Physical Education
Caitlyn (Gattis) Mroz Visual Arts
Jules Melvin Visual Arts
Phoebe Kammerer General Music/Chorus
Steven Giannuzzi General Music/Instrumental
Chris Karnbach Orchestra/Strings
Natalia Ramos-Dompenciel World Languages

Building Service Staff

Name Contact Position
 James Dorsey Building Service Manager
Denise Jordan   Assistant Building Service Manager
Chris Harrison    
Gabe Snowden   Building Service
Javon Jordan   Building Service
Vernon Smith   Building Service

Cafeteria Staff

Name Contact Position
Irene Hall Food Service Manager
Maria Cano   Food Service Worker
Andrew Plush   Food Service Worker
Ella Hansard   Food Service Worker
Heather Rodocker   Food Service Worker
Qyana Miller    Food Service Worker
Janice Parker   Food Service Worker
Patricia Fenwick   Food Service Worker